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My name is Dell Sala and I build websites.

I am a freelance web developer based in Providence, Rhode Island. I offer a complete set of web development services from design through to advanced server-side programming. Check out my work.

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Started using Doctrine recently. Was going smoothly until their online documentation suddenly disappeared. I’m sure it will return, but in the meantime I was up a creek. Found that the orm documentation is available on github, but you have to build it first. And it has a PILE of dependencies. First, don’t use the [...]

It appears Autotools is no longer bundled with Xcode as of 4.3. I discovered this while trying to install a few php extensions via MacPorts. They all kept failing with the log reporting the following error from phpize: Cannot find autoconf. Please check your autoconf installation and the $PHP_AUTOCONF environment variable. Then, rerun this script. [...]

I was working with a PEAR package in a PHP 5.2 environment. Naturally, I was getting some E_STRICT errors. I like to have all my code strict compliant, so I always develop with E_STRICT turned on. I wasn’t about to start changing the PEAR code, so I thought I’d just use error_reporting and disable E_STRICT [...]

The other day I needed a text input control that allowed free-form text input in combination with a select control for choosing a value from a predefined list — a combo box. I spent quite a while looking for a decent combo box plugin for jQuery. I did find this one (jQuery Editable Combobox), but [...]

There is a bug in WordPress’s plugin activation related to variable collisions. When WordPress activates the plugins it executes them within the scope of the activate_plugin function. The problem is that this scope is full of other variables that can collide with your plugin’s top scope.

I just discovered Google Sites while (for the umpteenth time) looking for a simple tool for writing documentation. In the past I had always fallen back on using Google Docs, Basecamp, or just passing around text files. These got the job done, but always felt a little clunky. I knew what I wanted was probably [...]

The Problem It’s a common one. You have a project that requires uploaded images. These images need to be displayed in different layouts at different sizes based on the context (ex: large on a detail page, thumbnail on the list page, etc…) In the past I would have encapsulated these sizes in an image class [...]

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